Children's Education Planning Tool

With this children's education planning tool, you can decide how much you want to save for your children's education. Saving ahead of time can make a big difference, because your savings earn investment income over time.

Starting with current funds available together with monthly contributions and investment income, the tool will determine the amount of supplementary contributions required to fund future education costs.

Enter the current age, the start age and duration of post-secondary studies for each child. Then select the tuition option and assumed rates of return and inflation, and click the Update Results button.

Data Input

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Current Age

Start Age of Post-Secondary Studies

Years of Post-Secondary Studies

Current Education Savings  

Monthly Contributions 

Enter current balances and planned monthly contributions. Then see how these assets may grow and how much investment income may be earned over time, based on the selected assumed rate of return.


Annual Tuition and Other Costs   

Tuition & Books
Other Costs
Total Cost

Select Assumed Annual Rate of Return   

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Assumed Rates of Inflation   

Tuition Inflation 

General Inflation 

You can plan using country-specific estimated costs or select your own amounts for tuition and books, room and board, and other costs. We encourage you to research your preferred educational institution and to enter the current tuition and books, room and board, and other costs. It is prudent to plan for a higher future expected inflation for tuition than for other goods and services, because tuition costs have increased at a higher rate in the last several years.


Illustration of Possible Outcome of Educational Savings Plan

Tabular data show planned contributions and supplementary contributions required to have sufficient funds to pay all tuition and books, room and board, and other costs. Chart data compare estimated education costs to expected education savings at the time post-secondary education commences.

Child's NameChild (1)
Planned Monthly Contributions100
Extra Monthly Contributions Required$70
Total Monthly Contributions Required$170
Estimated Costs and Assets 
Estimated Education Costs$56,570
Estimated Education Savings$36,551
Excess or Shortfall-$20,019