BF&M understands the importance of planning for retirement and other significant events in your life. These tools have been designed to help you determine the amount you should be saving today for events such as your child’s education, buying a home or retirement.

The Retirement Planner can help you formulate your income goals and determine the savings you will need to get there. The Investment Strategy Questionnaire will guide your fund selection based on risk tolerance and your time horizon. With the Flex Account Retirement Plan calculator, you can plan withdrawals from your pension accounts during retirement.

The Savings calculator helps you estimate how much money you can save over a few years for any purpose, such as a house downpayment or expensive purchase. The Education Planner helps you detemrine the funds required to pay for your children's college education, locally or abroad. The Annuity Calculator lets you estimate the amount of lifetime income you can get with the amount saved in your pension account.